This seems like a big financial investment. Why should I do this training instead of some cheaper day courses?!
Yes, the course is more expensive than ad-hoc day courses, but that’s because it’s the finest CPD available, and it’s more in-depth and structured. We’re also pretty confident (based on the experiences of previous delegates) that it can pay for itself before you even finish the course. It goes without saying that one of the best things to invest in is the thing that makes your money – you and your career. The courses are designed for people like you on the front line. They are relevant to practice, and will teach you skills and knowledge at each module that you can take directly back to practice with you the following day. Once you can do more, you can charge more. If you are looking for a career change, then attending one of these courses can help you on the path to specialisation, or boast your skills and make you really stand out to potential new employers.

I’m a bit worried that I’m not going to be at the same academic level as other people in the group.
Don’t worry about this at all. Everyone starts the course with different levels of knowledge in different areas, and different levels and types of experience. Wherever people start out, everyone finishes the programmes with the same high level of knowledge in the subject as their peers in the group. These programmes offer proven and genuine improvement in both knowledge and skills, which in turn makes you more confident, enthusiastic, and if you’re looking for a change – more employable. An added bonus is the group itself – sharing experiences, knowledge and talking about cases with other like-minded peers often results in lifelong friendship and support.

I want to register on a modular course but I may be away for some of the modules. Does this mean I will miss out?
No. We understand that our delegates are busy professionals and aim to be as flexible as possible. Whilst we need advance notice if you are going to be unable to attend a particular module, we will make every effort to find you an alternative venue and date. If the alternative dates don’t suit, you can probably attend the missed module when the programme runs the following year.

Do I have to take an exam to attend a modular programme?
No. Some previous delegates have completed courses with no desire to enrol for a certificate and have benefited enormously.

What other learning resources will be made available to me to help me with my programme?
Each tutor will offer you additional information on further reading and learning both on-line and off-line. We also provide course information online, comprehensive reading lists for each taught and non-taught section, and additional online learning resources. You will also receive a 12 months subscription to Bitesize, an online subscription based platform, with the latest available information in several subjects.

I don’t know if I can commit to doing the programme over two years. Can I spread it over more years?
Yes you can! We try to be as flexible as possible to fit with budget and timetables, so with this in mind delegates have up to four years to complete the programmes. All you have to do is let us know before you start the course how you would like to split it, and we will arrange it for you.

Do I have to pay anything upfront?
Once you decide to register, we ask for a non-refundable deposit payment of 20% of the fee. This secures your venue and your place, so if the course fills before you are ready to pay, you know you still have a place.

Will I have to pay for anything on top of the course fee?
It’s entirely up to you if, and how much, you want to spend on any additional learning resources. We also provide course information online, course notes for the taught area of the syllabus, comprehensive reading lists for each taught and non-taught section, and additional online learning resources.

How big will the group sizes be?
Small Animal Medicine: 25 delegates Small Animal Surgery: 24 delegates (2 per table and cadaver during practical training)

Can I speak to someone who has done this course before?
Yes! We have been offering these courses in different countries for many years, and we have many delegates who are delighted to share their experiences with you.

How can I pay for these courses?
You can pay by BANK TRANSFER (NAME: X.D ANIMALCARE VETERINARY CENTER LT; IBAN: CY24002001950000357025540773; BIC/Swift: BCYPCY2N)

Can you invoice my practice?
Yes. Please just provide your practice details in the “Entity name for invoice” field.

Can I split one of these courses between different members of my practice?
Yes you can. All we require from you is to tell us who is coming to which module in advance and pay upfront. Please understand that you’ll only get one set of notes per place, not per person.

Not all the modules from the course I’m interested in appeal. Can I just pick and choose the ones I want to come to and pay pro-rata?
Unfortunately we can’t split the course into individual modules. You will see however that you’ll benefit vastly from spending one to two years on a dedicated field and you will often see and understand complex processes and interactions of various organ systems much better if you attend the full course.

Tell me more about Improve International
Improve CPD was established in 1998 by a group of veterinary surgeons from across the UK, including a number of recognised experts. The primary mission of the Company is to provide the highest quality CPD in a format that allows delegates to develop their skills and knowledge in a logical and progressive fashion, under the supervision of dedicated Course Directors, each of whom has the highest qualifications in his or her field. Improve is now the largest CPD provider for veterinarians in Europe and a pioneer in the concept of advanced training for vets. Improve provides more than 1,200 days of training per year, with more than 400 speakers in 6 different languages and 19 different countries. Our mission is to offer top quality structured, logical and progressive training to veterinarians in the Eastern Mediterranean. This training will allow attendants to develop their own skills and knowledge under the supervision of the most highly qualified specialists in each discipline.

How can I fit a modular CPD programme into my busy life?
The course will be delivered in five 4 day packs to reduce delegate travel time and costs and make the learning experience more immersive. We believe that the environment you train in makes a big difference to your learning experience, so we only use state-of-the-art conference facilities coupled with amazing hotel accommodation. We even feed you, so that’s one less thing to worry about!

Have you got any payment options?
By selecting to pay upfront you can benefit from a discount of about 10% off the total course price. However if you wish to spread the cost we offer installment plans to delegates enabling payment to be spread over monthly instalments.

Will I get a certificate or something to show I have done this training?
Yes, you will get a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.