General Practitioner Certificate

The General Practitioner Certificates (GPCert) is the Postgraduate Certificate endorsed by the European School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ESVPS). The GPCert had its origins in England and nowadays is offered in 19 different countries being the only standardized postgraduate certificate for veterinarians across all these countries and that meet the highest quality standards worldwide. The GPCert is the most widespread postgraduate certificate in Europe and it is a European reference in intermediate certification for veterinarians.

When a veterinarian achieves a GPert, regardless of the country where he attended the course, he will have the confidence of having achieved a level of knowledge recognized at European level. Several practitioners from different countries have improved their professional careers as a directconsequence of achieving a General Practitioner Certificate.
The main advantage of the GPCert, is that the Improve International training programmes are designed to support the candidates that want to achieve this qualification. In this model, the candidates will attend taught sessions delivered by highly qualified specialist and the exam is based on these contents. The candidates will also have to complete several additional works and study additional learning resources on their free time to complete the program.

Nowadays, the ESVPS offers 24 General Practitioner Certificates in different subjects. To know all the available disciplines, please visit To enroll in a GPCert program the candidate must be a qualified veterinarian.



The evaluation for obtaining a GPCert

The aims of the examinations are to demonstrate that a delegate achieving success performs to a good standard in that area of veterinary practice. Since 2004, over 2,500 veterinary surgeons have achieved success in a General Practitioner Certificate examination (GPCert).

To obtain the GPCert the candidate must attend at least 80% of the lessons of the course; satisfactorily fulfill a series of evaluation assessments along the course and approve in a final exam.

The evaluation processes throughout the course consist of self-assessment exercises conducted before and after each module and writing a case report in accordance with the format defined by the ESVPS.
It is recommended that candidates, in addition to the classes, spend about 10 to 15 hours of additional study per module individually. The additional study is structured in learning objectives with lists of recommended bibliography and sources of material.

In order to sit the final exam, candidates must complete the didactic part of the course over 12 to 24 months.

The examination and evaluation processes are based in questionnaires, assessments during the course, self-assessment and final exam. At the beginning of each course a detailed program and an extensive list of learning objectives will be given to all delegates. All evaluation documents will be in English and examination will be held in Cyprus.


Quality control


The ESVPS Academic Board is responsible to control the quality standards along the course, and other components of the courses leading to GPCert. This ensures that the course content meets the criteria for an accredited course and also monitors the evaluation process. Similarly, the examination is responsibility of the ESVPS.