How our programmes work

Ready to progress through learning?

Our structured modular programmes are the best way to Improve you career. Our cutting-edge programmes are a proven way to change your professional life for the better. They offer the perfect balance of structure and flexibility to make them accessible to even busiest vets. As well as boosting your skills and confidence, these programmes are valuable stepping stone towards our GPCert and higher qualifications.

Our speakers are European and/or American specialists, with proven experience in their expertise area, delivering updated academic syllabus.

Our GPCert are for one and a half years, with theoretical, practical and online modules, scheduled to fit your professional and personal life.
After registered, delegates have access to an e-learning area where, before each module, the course material will be available.

The modular programmes comprehend 3 stages:

   1.  Pre module assessment;
   2.  Delivery of the modules;
   3.  Post module assessment;

Answering the MCQs is important to establish your strengths and areas that require further study, so you can define your own learning objectives for each module. These are also valuable information for the speakers to adjust the contents to the specific needs of the group.
By the end of the programme, delegates will receive an attendance certificate from Improve International. As our programmes are accredited by European School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ESVPS), our delegates can achieve the General Practitioner title.