I’ve attended Improve International’s GPCertSAM 2007-2009 and GPCertEndo 2010 and was impressed by the high level of teaching provided, the excellent structure, and the opportunities to learn from distinguished speakers. The speakers were extremely helpful and reinforcing alongside the support from the Programme Tutor and Improve’s team.The programmes designed by Improve International, are of the highest professional standards and are structured in such a way to enable the busy veterinary surgeon to acquire up-to-date knowledge and put it into practice almost immediately. In addition, the certification, via ESVPS, gives the qualification credibility and allowed me to be confident in the knowledge I had gained. I really recommend it to all my colleagues in order to stand out in the veterinary scientific community! 

Vassiliki Stathopoulou, DVM, GPCertSAM, GPCertEndo(ESVPS), PgCSAM(HAU)
 When I finished the postgraduate program in small animal surgery, every time I start a surgical operation I have in mind the advises of my tutors. These advises and all their guidance will always chaperone my steps in veterinary medicine. Improve International is the proof that there are people who care about veterinary education in every detail. 

Dr Andreas Manousoudakis DVM
 Improve International’s training programme laid the foundations for my career and gave me the motivation to study and eventually raise my practice’s standards, offering a better level of service, knowledge and veterinary care. It helped me to realise where I have gaps and the way to fill them, keeping me up-to-date with the relevant knowledge. I highly recommend it! 

Alexandros Savvidis DVM PgCertSAS MRCVS
 The theory backed up by the amazing practical sessions really consolidate your knowledge base, and in my case, gave me a kick (up the backside) to crack on, read the notes, read the textbook, watch the DVD and go ahead and book in the perineal hernia repair or the salivary gland removal instead of referring it on to someone else’s practice. I now eagerly anticipate the next surgery case walking through that consulting room door. There is no doubt that attending the Improve course in small animal surgery has given me the confidence to say “well, actually, I can do that”. 

Marni Miller BVetMed MRCVS
 I am currently enrolled for the Small Animal Surgery Certificate after successfully completing the GPCert(DI) two years ago. The practical sessions are some of the best I ever attended and the constant personal attention makes for an unparalleled learning opportunity. As before the course gives a well structured learning experience that guides delegates through the very bulky field of small animal surgery. The lectures are well thought through and practical in order to provide us with the best opportunity to learn systematically and also gain practical experience in more challenging or unusual procedures. The lecturers are all fantastic people with the ability to share knowledge effectively. 

Duncan Green BVSc GPCert(DI) MRCVS
 The Improve International Small Animal Medicine course provides a very structured way of completing a certificate, that’s really easy to fit in around full time work. The course has given me a huge amount of confidence in dealing with complex medical cases, and has allowed, in most cases, a full work up to be completed in house, without the need for referral. I was so impressed with the way Improve ran the course that I’m planning on signing up for a second GPCert this September! 

Jennifer Hamilton-Ible BVSc GPCert(SAM) MRCVS
 The Small Animal Medicine Certificate attracted me as all the modules were focused on medicine which meant that I could dedicate my time to learning things which really interested me. The knowledge I gained from the course made a huge difference in the way I work up cases and I am much more confident and structured in my approach to medicine cases. It was easy to fit this course in alongside my full time job and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who would like to gain further qualifications but is worried about fitting it in to their already busy life. I am now working my way through the Improve International ultrasound courses and really enjoying them too! 

Adele Fryers VetMB GPCert(SAM) MRCVS
 I personally recommend the Improve International courses, as they have strongly contributed to my professional growth 

Dania Dávila Díaz DVM
 The most positive aspect, in my opinion, was the high level of the speakers. Since the first day I have been able to take many of the learned techniques back into practice. Without a doubt I would recommend attending these courses as they fulfil a very important role in the postgraduate continuing education of any vet.  

Juan Argüelles DVM