7 Jun 2022

Feline Orthopaedics


Feline Orthopaedics


This two day course is designed to teach you how to manage the main orthopaedic pathologies you are likely to see in cats.  Some theory will be included in the form of lectures but the emphasis will be placed on how to perform each procedure.  This will maximise the time you spend in the practical room.


Day 1

Hip Luxation (trans-articular pin)

Femoral Head and Neck Excision

Cruciate Ligament Surgery

Patellar Luxation

Day 2

Hock Instability (external fixator)

Mandibular fracture and dislocation (beard suture technique, oesophagostomy pube placement, symphysis dislocation treatment)

Radius Ulna Fracture

Tibial and Femoral Fracture


Comprehensive course notes, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Key information

Feline Orthopaedics
7 Jun 2022
8 Jun 2022
2 Day Course
Day 1
09:00 Registration
09:30 Course starts
17:00 Course finishes
Day 2
08:30 Registration
09:00 Course starts
16:30 Course finishes
12 CPD hours
Nicolas Barthelemy
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