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About Agria Pet Insurance

About Agria Pet Insurance
We have been insuring pets since 1890 and are one of the world’s largest animal insurers, providing lifetime policies for cats, dogs and rabbits.

Agria can help your business
With Agria, there are two ways to off er pet insurance to your clients. Our Level 1 option means you can display our literature in your waiting room and hand out 4 weeks free insurance notes to pet owners. With Level 2, you can become an Appointed Representative of Agria Pet Insurance, which means you can recommend our insurance and issue 5 weeks free insurance cover to your clients.

10 Reasons to support Agria Pet Insurance
1.Life time every time, the ideal solution for your
clients’ pets
2. Up to £12,500 vet fees cover for dogs and cats
3. £25 voucher for vaccinations and preventative
care on top level plans*
4. Pick & Mix cover options to suit owners and
their budgets
5. We pay 9/10 claims received without quibble#

6. As one of our practices, you can offer your
clients up to 5 Weeks Free pet insurance
7. 90% of our claims team hold a veterinary or
the same language‡
8. Multi award-winning for our products and
9. Our specialist veterinary support team are
dedicated to helping your practice
10. Friendly, UK-based contact centre

“There are a lot of reasons why I would highly recommend Agria Pet Insurance, both as a customer and as a representative within 1st Opinion Veterinary practice.

Changing my cat’s Insurer has never been easier Various excesses to choose from, Lifetime policies with Veterinary Fees cover up to £12,500 and all UK-based call centres. For me personally the most important quality Agria stands for is quick, knowledgeable and professional Customer Service.”

Westside Vets

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