Improve International Manual of Clinical Small Animal Internal Medicine Vol 1

Josep Pastor et al.

£ 85

A manual providing concise and practical advice on all major aspects of small animal internal medicine. Some of the topics covered in Vol 1 are haematology, diagnostic imaging, cardiovascular medicine, gastrointestinal disorders.


Improve International has collaborated in the editing of this manual that synthesises the complex issues related to the different specialties of internal medicine of small animals. Content is specifically aimed at veterinary professionals to reinforce continued training and presented in a practical, direct way without superfluous background material.

Contributing authors are internationally recognised professionals, have been selected for their extensive experience and many are certified specialists. The result is a very visual manual, which contains numerous tables, graphs and photographs, and structured for easy and quick consultation.

Improve International Manual of Clinical Small Animal Internal Medicine includes both basic theoretical and practical information about differential diagnosis, diagnostic test results, and treatments of commonly seen pathologies of dogs and cats. Each chapter includes a self-assessment section with test questions and clinical cases.

Topics covered in Volume 1 include: haematology, immunology, diagnostic imaging, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular medicine, reproductive system disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and hepatobiliary and exocrine pancreas disorders.