Canine Dental Conditions and Exotic Dentistry


Day 1 - There are naturally some important differences between the species when it comes to diseases of their teeth. This module will concentrate on the dog allowing you to confidently identify abnormalities and discuss options with the client. The importance of preventative dental healthcare plans will also be discussed.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise the clinical signs of canine periodontal disease
  • Identify conditions affecting the pulp (fractured teeth, abrasion, non-vital teeth, caries)
  • Explain the causes and treatment options for canine tooth resorption
  • Be able to assess malocclusion
  • Review developmental conditions
  • Acquire knowledge of oral masses
  • Discuss the importance of preventative dental healthcare plans for dogs and their implementation in practice
  • Appreciate the need for lifelong dental care and communicate the principles and importance of home oral care to dog owning clients and colleagues through nurse clinics to promote and monitor active and passive home care

Day 2 - Cats and dogs are not the only species brought into clinics with dental disease. This module will cover the options for preventative and treatment options for rabbits and rodents by taking into consideration the difference in anatomy and tooth development. The instruments and equipment required to safely perform dentistry in these species will also be covered.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Identify skull and dental anatomy of rabbits and rodents
  • Explain tooth development in these species
  • Understand specific health considerations in these species
  • Discuss preventative and treatment options in these species with clients and colleagues
  • Become familiar with the instruments and equipment required to perform dentistry

Includes a practical session.


Comprehensive course notes, refreshments and lunch on each day.

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