Stifle Disease – Canine Cruciate Ligament Disease & Patellar Luxation


This highly practical course will cover all aspects of two of the most commonly seen surgical procedures in your practice; cruciate disease and patella luxation and will teach you two different techniques you can offer in your clinics: MMP for canine cruciate disease and RidgeStop™ for patella luxation.

The course will include pathology and diagnosis as well as treatment options for CCL disease, meniscal injury and patellar luxation

RidgeStop™ is a novel surgical technique for treatment of patellar luxation. A simple, affordable alternative to sulcoplasty surgery that can be used alone, as the sole treatment for patella luxation, or as an adjunct to re-alignment operations. The course is in two parts:

  1. A lecture based overview of the pathogenesis and treatment selection in patella luxation, and a review of current surgical treatment options. This will be followed by an introduction to RidgeStop™, its application and case presentations
  2. A practical session using synthetic bone models which delegates can take home

This course is kindly sponsored by Orthomed

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The day is split into two parts:

Morning session:

Cranial cruciate ligament disease featuring MMP:

  1. Pathology and diagnosis of cranial cruciate ligament disease
  2. Treatment options for CCL disease and meniscal injury
  3. OrthoFoam™ - the bone ingrowth implant
  4. The MMP technique
  5. Key steps of procedure
  6. MMP variations
  7. Difficult cases
  8. Dealing with complications
  9. MMP demonstration
  10. MMP on sawbone
  11. MMP in wet-lab environment

Afternoon session:

Patellar luxation featuring RidgeStop™

  1. Overview of the pathogenesis and treatment selection in patellar luxation
  2. Review of current surgical treatment options
  3. Tibial tuberosity transpositions
  4. About RidgeStop™
  5. RidgeStop™ and TTT demonstration
  6. RidgeStop™ and TTT on sawbone
  7. RidgeStop™ and TTT in wet-lab environment


This hands-on education workshop will allow you to improve orthopaedic outcomes in your hospital having learned surgical techniques you can offer in clinic.

The course will summarise various options available to treat CCL disease and patellar luxations and also concentrate on two specific procedures; MMP and RidgeStop™.

The course speaker has no conflict of interest and the attendees will be supported with course notes, animations and real-life videos.

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