Surgical Stapling – Purely Practical


This one-day course will have a no-lecture or minimal-lecture format. You will be sent the course notes in advance of the course and should ensure you have read them before attending as formal classroom lectures will not occur. All of your time will be spent in the practical room practising the techniques included in the learning objectives to maximise your opportunity to master the surgical skills at hand.


By the end of this one-day course you will be able to:

  • Understand the pros, cons and limitations of surgical stapling
  • Select an appropriate stapler for a particular procedure
  • Fire a surgical stapler to complete a lung or liver lobectomy quickly and safely
  • Options for using staplers during gastrointestinal resection and anastomosis, including typhlectomy
  • Use a Lonestar retractor with confidence
  • Complete a resection and anastomosis of the small intestine using stapling devices, and be aware of how a similar method can be used for cholecystoduodenostomy
  • Apply Ligaclips securely during cholecystectomy or for haemostasis of tricky vessels
  • Be familiar with the application of an Endoloop
  • Feel confident using a Gen11 machine
    • Select an appropriate handpiece – Superjaw, Enseal, Focus or Synergy
    • Perform a splenectomy using the Superjaw or a stapler
    • Complete an ovariectomy using an Enseal
    • Remove an adrenal gland using a Focus handpiece
    • Compare using the various handpieces during liver lobectomy to a stapler
    • Introduce the harmonic scalpel to many of your soft tissue surgeries such as TECA/LBO, mastectomy, tonsillectomy and staphlectomy
  • Consider other more low-tech options in those tricky cases where finances are tight


Comprehensive course notes, refreshments throughout the day and a buffet lunch will be provided.

Available Dates

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Payment Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment for the course can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.
  2. Please contact us for pricing relating to corporate veterinary groups and multiple booking discounts.
  3. Full details regarding the course cancellation procedure can be found here:

Registration Information

  1. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first served basis.
  2. Where all available places are full, applicants will be offered first refusal for the next available date.
  3. Confirmation and enrolment details will then be sent to confirm your booking.

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What do our customers think of our training?

Raymond Fitzpatrick is a self-employed locum studying for our PgC in Small Animal Surgery (SAS) between 2018 and 2020.  He shares his experience so far: Embarking on Improve’s two-year Small Animal Surgery programme was my second attempt at earning a PgC in surgery. I’d previously enrolled on a one-year programme with another provider but, unfortunately, it didn’t deliver what I was hoping for, especially as it was mostly self-study. I also found the lack of learning support frustrating. I […] Read more... Raymond Fitzpatrick

Once I’d settled into a routine, I relished the new knowledge I was absorbing, as well as the practical surgery skills I was learning. The tutors were excellent and worked hard to provide a balance between the theory in lectures and developing our practical skills in the excellent practical sessions.  By the end of every module, I was confident and felt that my knowledge had increased.  Improve’s online virtual learning environment, Moodle, was very useful because of the range of tools it offers to support the learning process.  I used it to discuss topics with my fellow delegates and tutors; to receive feedback on case reports and to stay up to date with reading resources and advice from tutors. Read more... Andreas Manousoudakis


The theory backed up by the amazing practical sessions really consolidate your knowledge base, read the notes, the textbook, watch the DVD and go ahead and book in the perineal hernia repair or the salivary gland removal instead of referring it on to someone else’s practice. I now eagerly anticipate the next surgery case walking […] Read more... Marni Miller



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