21 Nov 2019

Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery - Reproductive Surgery



Key Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the clinical presentation and treatment options for uterine prolapse, rupture and dystocia.
  • Explain the pathophysiology of specific conditions such as vestibulovaginal stenosis, recessed vulva, vaginal oedema and prolapse, neoplasia of vagina, vestibule and vulva.
  • Be familiar with a variety of laparoscopic ovariectomy techniques.
  • Outline the pathophysiology and clinical signs associated with specific penile disorders such as hypospadia, paraphimosis, penile wounds and tumours.

Includes a practical session where vulvoplasty, episiotomy, partial vaginal resection, laparoscopic ovariectomy, partial penile amputation, phallopexy and preputial advancement can be practised.

Available Dates

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