9 Dec 2020

Canine Dentistry



Dentistry is the bedrock of ALL small animal practice. If you do primary dental work well, you will achieve greater health benefits for your patients than developing any other skill.

As dental disease is so common, dentistry should also account for at least 25% of small animal practice income. Investing in your dental equipment and training will represent the most cost effective development of your practice.

This highly practical course will develop your dentistry skills in diagnosis and treatment. Radiography and positioning will be demystified, difficult extractions will be less terrifying. Strategies for client communication and encouraging compliance will be developed.


  • The principles of COHAT – Complete Oral Health Assessment & Treatment
  • A structured approach to routine dentistry
  • Dental radiography and its benefits for patients and practices
  • Techniques for dental extractions –abolishing “brutalectomies” forever!
  • Improving client communication, to improve compliance with recommendations for dental care – thus improving patient health


Comprehensive course notes, refreshments and lunch both days.

Key information

Canine Dentistry
9 Dec 2020
10 Dec 2020
2 Day Course
Day 1
09:00 Registration
09:30 Course starts
17:00 Course finishes
Day 2
08:30 Registration
09:00 Course starts
16:30 Course finishes
12 CPD hours
Bob Partridge, Bob Partridge
£1,295.00 + VAT