28 May 2020

Commercial pet food - types and labelling & Nutritional Clinics for your patients


Commercial pet food - types and labelling & Nutritional Clinics for your patients


Day 1 - Commercial pet food - types and labelling

Pet owners are often bewildered by the information on pet food packaging and as a nurse running nutrition clinics you require the knowledge and skills to translate this data into everyday language. This module will review pet food choices, discuss ‘fashionable’ diets and the impact of feeding on behaviour. This module includes case studies and a practical session so that you will have an opportunity to practise nutritional calculations using a wide range of commercial pet food products. By the end of this module you will be better positioned to speak knowledgeably and communicate productively with your clients on the occasionally contentious topic of what they choose to feed their pet, and why.

Day 2 - Nutritional Clinics for your patients

This module will cover topics such as weight management and oral care at home, but also the support of more critically ill patients such as those affected by anorexia and cancer. Patients suffering from critical illness and/or injury often require assisted feeding. Their owners benefit from training and significant support to improve the welfare and outcomes for their pet and result in speedier recovery and shorter hospitalisation times. This module will give you the confidence to run successful nurse clinics in your practice.

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