8 Nov 2021

Reptile Medicine and Surgery; Wildlife Medicine and Surgery



Key learning objectives Day One:

  • Formulate an approach to the sick reptile including post hibernation anorexia and hypocalcaemic collapse
  • Diagnose and treat dermatological conditions including dysecdysis, scale rot and abscesses and metabolic, nutritional and infectious bone and shell disorders
  • Diagnose and treat common gastroenterological disorders including mouth rot, vomiting and regurgitation and liver disease
  • Approach respiratory and cardiovascular disease including pneumonia and lungworm
  • Investigate respiratory tract and reproductive disease
  • Understand the common infectious diseases of reptiles

Key learning objectives Day Two:

  • Explain the legislation relating to wild animals and welfare
  • Formulate an approach to the restraint, anaesthesia and trauma management of wild birds and mammals
  • Diagnose and manage common disorders of UK native wildlife
  • Approach rehabilitation of wildlife
    • Understand the zoonotic diseases which affect wildlife in the UK

Key information

Reptile Medicine and Surgery; Wildlife Medicine and Surgery
8 Nov 2021
9 Nov 2021
2 Day Course
Day 1
09:00 Registration
09:30 Course starts
17:00 Course finishes
Day 2
08:30 Registration
09:00 Course starts
16:30 Course finishes
12 CPD hours
Simon Girling
£1,225.00 + VAT