10 Nov 2020

Exotic Animal Dermatology; Wound management and surgery


Exotic Animal Dermatology; Wound management and surgery


Key learning objectives Day One:

  • Understand the normal epithelial anatomy of exotic species
  • Recognise the importance of husbandry – housing, environment, nutrition on the dermatological health of these species
  • Appreciate ecdysis/dysecdysis in reptiles
  • Be familiar with the common conditions seen in small mammals, reptiles and birds and the pathogenesis, clinical features, differential diagnosis, investigation and treatment of them

Key learning objectives Day Two:

  • Overview of wounds and wound healing (Dressings / topical treatment options)
  • Medical and surgical management of wounds
  • Anal sacs surgery
  • Principles of ear surgery (which techniques and when)
  • Pedal surgery (e.g podoplasty, surgery of the digital pads)

Available Dates

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