26 Nov 2020

Masterclass in Feline Endoscopy



With virtually every feline medicine case being a potential endoscopy case, do you frequently face that ‘diagnostic roadblock’ finding yourself;

1) repeating diagnostic tests

2) resorting to polypharmacy attempting to ‘treat the treatable’

3) referring to reach a diagnosis/treatment plan?

This practical two-day masterclass will focus on advancing practitioners beyond the infamous ‘diagnostic roadblock’ commonly faced in feline practice.

This course will provide an overview of selecting appropriate equipment and safe handling skills for the upper/lower intestinal tract and upper/lower respiratory tract. You’ll have the opportunity to perform endoscopy at our state-of-the-art, wet-lab facilities in Sheffield and extensive hands-on opportunities over the two days.

You’ll receive guidance through the subject area of flexible endoscopy and rigid endoscopy, taught by a feline-specific diplomate and be able to see the immediate benefits endoscopy offers for your patients, clients and practice.

This masterclass course is strictly limited to 12 delegates and offers unrivalled one-to-one mentoring. The quality and preparation of the clinical material and low delegate ratio will make this an unsurpassed teaching experience and cover the following topics:

Flexible endoscopy:

• Upper intestinal endoscopy (including acquiring biopsies and foreign body removal)

• Lower intestinal endoscopy (including ileal entry)

• Upper respiratory tract endoscopy (retroflexed nasopharyngoscopy)

• Lower respiratory tract endoscopy (including endoscopic BAL and foreign body removal) using a feline bronchial treemap

Rigid endoscopy:

• Safe use of rigid rostral rhinoscopy (including nerve blocks) using ‘universal feline rhinoscope’

Learning objectives:

By the end of the course, delegates should have an understanding and ability to perform safe and controlled diagnostic examinations/therapeutic procedures in the following areas:

Upper and lower GIT endoscopy:

• Basic principles of endoscopy and how to select the most appropriate endoscopic equipment for feline-specific gastrointestinal endoscopy

• Careful ‘driving skills’ needed for flexible endoscopy, in vivo, which limits the risk of iatrogenic damage to both patient and equipment

• Techniques for obtaining endoscopic biopsies and endoscopic foreign body removal

• Proficiency in J-manoeuvre, pyloric and ileocolic sphincter intubation in the cat

Respiratory endoscopy:

• How to assemble the endoscopy chain (both flexible and rigid endoscopy)

• Performing infraorbital nerve blocks

• Techniques for safe use of 1.9mm x 30-degree oblique integrated telescope for rostral rhinoscopy

• How to safely collect biopsy samples from the nasal cavity

• Use the flexible bronchoscope for nasopharyngeal examination as part of the upper respiratory investigation and for lower respiratory investigations

• Practical wet-lab tuition with direct hands-on assistance to develop your skill in a safe and supportive learning environment

Required delegate attributes:

This course is for veterinary surgeons with all levels of knowledge. It will provide invaluable experience for those who are new to the field of endoscopy, and those veterinary surgeons wishing to gain further understanding and refine their technique. The course would also be of value to those veterinary surgeons undertaking additional professional qualifications in small animal medicine and surgery.

Key information

Masterclass in Feline Endoscopy
26 Nov 2020
27 Nov 2020
2 Day Course
Day 1
09:00 Registration
09:30 Course starts
17:00 Course finishes
Day 2
08:30 Registration
09:00 Course starts
16:30 Course finishes
12 CPD hours
Elise Robertson
£1,750.00 + VAT