5 Oct 2021

Medical Therapeutic Lasers



Class IV therapeutic lasers offer a wide variety of therapeutic applications to everyday clinical practice. This one-day course combines state-of-the-art seminars as well as hands-on practical instruction.


  • Understand the science behind Laser Therapy
    • Increased circulation and oxygenation
    • Decreased swelling and inflammation
    • Reduction in pain
    • Enhanced tissue repair

  • Appreciate the wide range of applications for the use of therapeutic lasers
    • Management of acute lameness
    • Pain management for chronic musculoskeletal conditions
    • Post-surgical rehabilitation
    • Stomatitis
    • Acute and chronic wound healing
    • Management of seromas

  • Identify the best way to introduce Laser Therapy into your practice
    • Potential financial returns
    • Marketing and promotional tips
    • Increased footfall
    • Improved outcomes
    • Happy patients and happy clients

  • Practical exercises - become familiar with how to use the laser to its best effect


This course is for educating vets, vet nurses and practice managers about a new era of medical science – Class IV Medical Therapeutic Laser therapy for enhanced rehabilitation of post-surgical joints and tendons, or medically managed musculoskeletal problems and osteoarthritic joints. The course covers the core science and practicalities of therapeutic laser usage.

It would be appreciated if you would consider bringing a dog with you for the practical demonstration component of the course. A £25 Marks and Spencers voucher is available for all those able to bring a case.

Key information

Medical Therapeutic Lasers
5 Oct 2021
1 Day Course
09:00 Registration
09:30 Course starts
17:00 Course finishes
6 CPD hours
Russell Chandler, Stephen Barabas
£199.00 + VAT