15 May 2021

Next Steps in Soft Tissue Surgery



This course is designed to teach you the technical aspects of a variety of soft tissue surgery procedures. Some ‘theory’ will be included in the lectures, but emphasis will be placed on ‘how’ to perform each procedure. This will maximise the time you spend in the practical room.

Topics have been chosen that represent surgical conditions commonly seen in veterinary practice and include salivary gland resection, scrotal urethrostomy, anal sacculectomy, laryngeal tie-back, lateral ear resection, total ear canal ablation-lateral bulla osteotomy (TECA-LBO), 15-minute gastropexy, diaphragmatic hernia repair and rapid splenectomy.

Emphasis will be placed on the technical aspects used to perform each procedure. Videos of clinical case material will be used extensively throughout the lectures to help illustrate each technique before practising them in the practical room.


  • How to successfully and confidently perform a variety of practical soft tissue surgery techniques
  • Recent developments and new techniques in soft tissue surgery
  • The relevant regional anatomy for each procedure performed


Day 1 - 9.30am - 5.00pm with lunch included

Day 2 - 9.00am - 4.30pm with lunch included

Comprehensive course notes, refreshments through the day and lunches. Use of the leisure facilities at Alexandra House. You will receive a free DVD of the surgical procedures covered.

This course is designed for all veterinary surgeons interested in providing a higher level of surgical treatment for a variety of practical soft tissue surgery techniques in their practice.

Key information

Next Steps in Soft Tissue Surgery
15 May 2021
16 May 2021
2 Day Course
Day 1
09:00 Registration
09:30 Course starts
17:00 Course finishes
Day 2
08:30 Registration
09:00 Course starts
16:30 Course finishes
12 CPD hours
Howard Seim
£1,299.00 + VAT

Alternative Dates

Next Steps in Soft Tissue Surgery
8 Dec 2020
9 Dec 2020

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