25 Feb 2020

Ocular Therapeutics and Pharmacology; The Orbit and Globe, Eyelids and Nictitans Membranes



Key learning objectives Day One:

  • Understand the principles of medicating the eye
  • Understand topical and systemic drug administration
  • Explain vehicles and preparations for ophthalmic drug administration
  • Appreciate classes of drugs
  • Choose the correct drug for common ophthalmic conditions

Key learning objectives Day Two:

  • Describe the anatomy and clinical conditions involving the orbit, globe, eyelids and nictitans membranes (third eyelids)
  • Understand the presenting signs of and differential diagnoses for congenital and acquired orbital disease
  • Understand the effect of facial conformation on globe and eyelid position and its associated effects
  • Appreciate breed predispositions and species differences
  • Understand the aetiopathogenesis of proptosis and its treatment options
  • Appreciate the different types of entropion and ectropion and their impact on ocular health
  • Understand the aetiopathogenesis of nictitans membrane disorders

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