1 Feb 2023

Optional Ophthalmology Online Learning Modules


Optional Ophthalmology Online Learning Modules


The goal of the Optional Practical Days is to provide the attendee with the opportunity to practice ocular examination and to familiarise with the most common ophthalmic surgery equipment and techniques, the use of magnification and to learn gentle and effective tissue handling.

Real clinical cases will be presented where the attendee can identify the condition, choose appropriate treatment plan and develop his/her newly acquired skills in ophthalmology under the supervision of a veterinary ophthalmologist.

Optional Ophthalmology Online Learning Modules Modules

Day 1
1 Feb 2023 | Sheffield
  • Practice performing a thorough and systematic ocular examination

  • Recognise commonly used ophthalmic instruments and understand their use

  • Use loupes and understand operating microscopes for surgical magnification

  • Select appropriate suture material and needle designs

  • Discuss pre and post-operative care of surgical patients and appropriate anaesthetic regimes

  • Review the surgical preparation and positioning of patients for ophthalmic procedures

  • Recognise the basic surgical principles as they pertain to ophthalmic surgery

Speaker: Ben Blacklock BVSc DipECVO MRCVS
Day 2
2 Feb 2023 | Sheffield
  • Perform common surgical techniques for treating disease of the orbit, globe, eyelids, and third eyelid

  • Practice reconstructive eyelid surgery and the surgical techniques used to correct entropion and ectropion and resection of eyelid masses

  • Practice the surgical technique to reposition prolapsed nictitans glands

  • Practice repositioning of proptosed globe and drainage of retrobulbar abscess via pterygopalatine fossa

  • Perform different methods for enucleation and appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of each

  • Appreciate the principles of intraocular surgery

Speaker: Ben Blacklock BVSc DipECVO MRCVS
Day 3
3 Feb 2023 | Sheffield
  • Recognise different type, depth and severity of corneal ulcers

  • Review the approach and treatment options for Spontaneous Chronic Corneal Epithelial Defects (SCCED) and complicated ulcers

  • Practice grid/punctuate keratotomies and corneal burr debridement

  • Practice performing a conjunctival pedicle graft

  • Perform corneal surgical procedures such as superficial keratectomy and suturing of a non penetrating corneal laceration

  • Identify and localise corneal foreign bodies and learn tips for their removal

  • Recognise when corneal reconstructive surgery is required, including corneoconjunctival transposition (CCT) and full thickness keratoplasty (video presentation of CCT)

  • Learn how to select a patient for cataract surgery, the after care and possible complications of this surgery (video presentation of a cataract surgery)

Speaker: Ben Blacklock BVSc DipECVO MRCVS

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