14 Apr 2020

The Conjunctiva and Naso-lacrimal System; The Cornea, Sclera and Episclera



Key learning objectives Day One:

  • Describe the anatomy of the conjunctiva and understand the aetiopathogenesis of conjunctival disease and its treatment
  • Describe the nasolacrimal system and abnormalities that can affect it
  • Understand secretory and excretory components, normal lacrimation and the components of the pre-corneal tear film. Appreciate kerato-conjunctivitis sicca
  • Understand problems associated with nasolacrimal drainage
  • Appreciate the approach to writing a case report, including case selection, literature searches and accurate referencing

Key learning objectives Day Two:

  • Describe normal corneal anatomy
  • Understand normal corneal healing and factors which can affect it
  • Understand how the cornea responds to insults
  • Understand the different causes of corneal ulceration and its treatment
  • Explain non ulcerative corneal disease
  • Appreciate the anatomy of the episclera and sclera and understand the pathology which can affect these


Comprehensive course notes, refreshments and lunch on the day.

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