22 Jun 2022

Wound Management (Interprofessional)


Wound Management (Interprofessional)


This course provides comprehensive training in wound management, from the fundamentals of wound physiology to the latest information on dressings and technology to assist healing.

Georgie Hollis is an independent specialist nurse who has lectured nationally and internationally. She has authored numerous peer- reviewed articles on wounds and their management.


  • Explain the basic physiology of wound healing and common factors that inhibit wound progression

  • Outline the aims of wound management in terms of decision making and animal welfare needs

  • Outline the differences in wound healing between canine and feline species

  • Describe wounds in terms of their aetiology, relative phase of healing and contamination status

  • Explain the concept of wound bed preparation and its importance in reducing complications

  • Explain the role and types of dressings available and their appropriate use through the healing cascade

  • Discuss the options for wound closure and decision making (primary and delayed closure and secondary intention healing)

  • Discuss the physics associated with bandaging complications and how to reduce the risk

  • Demonstrate application of bandages and dressings


This course is interprofessional and suitable for:

  • Veterinary nurses
  • Veterinary surgeons, particularly new graduates and vets wanting to refresh their skills

It is also ideal for nurses and vets to attend together from the same practice.

Prices are the same for individual vets and nurses, with an overall discounted price if a vet and nurse book to attend together from the same practice. For the discount to be applied, please telephone when booking a nurse and a vet together.

Wound Management (Interprofessional) Modules

Wound Management
22 Jun 2022 | Swindon

Speaker: Georgie Hollis

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Wound Management (Interprofessional)
22 Jun 2022
1 Day Course
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6 CPD hours
Georgie Hollis
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