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What are the course timings?
Tell me more about Improve International
Who are Improve’s partners?

Postgraduate Certificates

What is a Postgraduate Certificate (PgC)?
What is the criteria for enrolment?
Over what time period can I take the taught modules?
Are Improve’s Postgraduate Certificates academically equivalent to the RCVS CertAVP and other postgraduate certificates?
I have previously achieved a GPCert. Can I use this towards a PgC?
How are Improve’s PgC programmes different to other providers?
How many hours will I spend on my certificate?
How will I be assessed?
What resources will be available to support me through the PgC?
Will Improve’s PgCs enable me to apply for the RCVS Advanced Practitioner Status?
How can I fit a modular CPD programme into my busy life?
I want to register on a modular course but I may be away for some of the modules. Does this mean I will miss out?

Online Bitesize CPD

Where do I login to access Online Bitesize CPD?
I have forgotten my website login username – how do I retrieve this?
I am having issues with logging into my account?
I have not received an email with my login details?
I am having technical issues with the Bitesize site or an individual course
How do I sign up for the full year subscription?


Can I pay by Direct Debit?
What payment methods do you accept?


Who is ESVPS?
If I sit and pass an ESVPS examination, will the RCVS include it in their register?
Do I have to register for the ESVPS certificate to attend a General Practitioner Certificate programme?

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For any other questions, please email us at or call us on 01793 759159

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Improve International was established in 1998 by a group of veterinary surgeons from across the UK. We run Continuous Professional Development training for veterinary professionals to help develop the skills and knowledge required in practice. Our programmes utilise a combination of review lectures, case-based discussion and, where applicable, hands-on practical sessions. We are an international organisation with offices in the UK and Portugal.


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