Claire Dorey-Phillips

Nurse Programme Tutor and Practical Course Coordinator BSc(Hons) VNPA ISFMDipFN RVN

Claire graduated from the University of Bristol (Langford) in 2005 with a BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Nursing and Practice Administration. She then joined a multidisciplinary referral hospital where she went on to lead the surgical nursing department, became the lead medicine nurse, the head nurse and, finally, clinical nursing training manager. She left to work as Lead Medicine nurse primarily in feline medicine at another multidisciplinary hospital, where she was instrumental in obtaining gold Cat-Friendly Clinic status. Before joining improve international in October 2017.

In addition to studying for her ISFM feline nursing diploma, Claire enjoys baking, photography, swimming and spending time with the rescue cat Millie.


Improve International was established in 1998 by a group of veterinary surgeons from across the UK. We run Continuous Professional Development training for veterinary professionals to help develop the skills and knowledge required in practice. Our programmes utilise a combination of review lectures, case-based discussion and, where applicable, hands-on practical sessions. We are an international organisation with offices in the UK and Portugal.


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