Postgraduate Certificates (PgC)

Immerse yourself in your chosen subject area and gain the extra knowledge that puts you at the forefront of your field.

The training and knowledge you will receive on our Postgraduate Programmes provide the platform for you to transform your professional life and approach more complex cases in practice. Not only will you develop your skills in your chosen subject and be able to approach cases much more confidently, you can fit your learning around your busy schedule and work towards a recognised academic qualification.

Support and guidance throughout the programme

We are committed to providing you with the best learning experience possible throughout our programmes. The Postgraduate Certificate (PgC) is a recognised qualification representing Masters Level 7 within the Quality Assurance Agency’s framework for higher and further education.

Your dedicated Programme Tutor will support you on your journey and ensure you are efficiently prepared for the end of programme assessment. To ensure you receive a rewarding and successful learning experience, delegates can benefit from the following:

Improve International's Manual of Small Animal Surgery Vol 1 and 2 for Small Animal Surgery delegates

Practical sessions where relevant to the subject

A dedicated Programme Tutor will support every individual during their PgC Programme to ensure a rewarding and successful learning experience

Improve International's Manual of Small Animal Medicine Vol 1 and 2 for Small Animal Medicine delegates

A subscription to Harper Adams University online e-library providing access to 1,000s of scientific articles and abstracts, for those progressing to a PgC

Through the application of techniques learnt on our PgC programmes you will become more productive in practice

For you


Expand your clinical skills and knowledge to enhance patient care


Increase your confidence and job satisfaction


Help you gain an achievable qualification


Access a like-minded peer network


Fit learning around the workings of a busy practice

For your clinic


Increased practice revenues


Improved productivity


Transferable knowledge and skills within the practice


The ability to demonstrate your commitment

For your clients


Improved patient care


Increase in treatment options


Reassurance that their pet is in safe hands