Postgraduate Certificates (PgC)

Postgraduate programmes that help you to transform your practice life

  • The PgC is a recognised higher education qualification demonstrating that you have achieved the required standard within a designated subject.
  • The qualification represents Masters Level seven within the Quality Assurance Agency’s framework for higher and further education.
  • It provides 60 transferable academic credits towards the 180 required for a Master’s degree.

Our PgC programmes comprise:


Preparation for end-of-programme assessment

Attendance sessions with accompanying notes

Practical sessions where relevant to the subject

Pre and post module online self assessment


Independent study, including online components


Support throughout your learning journey

Your journey through our PgC programmes

How our PgC programmes work

At the beginning of the programme you will receive a syllabus and specific learning objectives for all of the taught modules.

During the programme you will be required to document your current knowledge and skills prior to each module and undertake an informal short multiple choice exercise. After the module you will then undertake a further multiple choice exercise to reflect on knowledge gained and implement a strategy to address any outstanding knowledge and skills gap via independent study.

Inclusive learning support

  • You will receive a subscription to Harper Adams University online e-library providing access to 1,000s of scientific articles and abstracts
  • Medicine delegates will be provided with a “Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine” by Ettinger & Feldman and Surgery delegates with “Veterinary Surgery” by Tobias and Johnston
  • Surgery delegates will also receive five “How to” DVDs by Professor Howard Seim of Colorado University illustrating key surgical procedures
  • Our learning management system operated through Moodle, provides access to a notes library, discussion forum and other study resources including webinars
  • A dedicated Programme Tutor will support every individual during their PgC programme to ensure a rewarding and successful learning experience

Due to the tuition I have received at Improve, my clients are benefiting from not having to be referred elsewhere

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Small Animal Surgery delegate



See our PgC prospectus or FAQs page for more information


Through the application of techniques learnt on our PgC programmes you will become more productive in practice

For you


Achieve not only a PgC but also a GPCert and academic recognition


Transform your professional life and approach to clinical cases


Increase your skills, knowledge and confidence to face the most complex cases


Access to a network of like-minded professionals


Fit learning around the workings of a busy practice

For your clinic


Increase practice revenues


Improve your productivity


Reduce the number of referrals and increase practice capabilities


Transferable knowledge and skills within practice


Demonstrate commitment to enhancing your practice standards

For your clients


Improved animal care


Accelerated diagnosis


Increase in treatment options


Reassurance that their pets are in safe hands


Improve International was established in 1998 by a group of veterinary surgeons from across the UK. We run Continuous Professional Development training for veterinary professionals to help develop the skills and knowledge required in practice. Our programmes utilise a combination of review lectures, case-based discussion and, where applicable, hands-on practical sessions. We are an international organisation with offices in the UK and Portugal.


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