Raquel Salgüero Fernández


​Graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid in 2006. After working in a general clinic in Spain and England, she completed two internships in reference centers in England. He completed the Diagnostic Imaging residency at the University of Cambridge (Queen's Veterinary School Hospital) (2012-2015). European Diploma in Diagnostic Imaging and RCVS Specialist since 2015. She has worked as a locum in several hospitals in the United Kingdom and as a permanent radiologist at Davies Veterinary Speclalists (United Kingdom). In 2017 he returned to Spain where he works as Head of the Diagnostic Imaging Service at the Puchol Veterinary Hospital in Madrid. Publications in national and international journals and scientific reviewer of several journals such as Veterinary Radiology and ultrasound, Veterinary Record. Speaker of national and international courses.