Yaiza Forcada


Yaiza graduated in 2002 at the University of Madrid. After a short time in private practice, she moved to the United Kingdom, where she undertook a Small Animal Internship at the Royal Veterinary College. She then accepted a residency in Feline Internal Medicine at the University of Liverpool and she gained her Diploma of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine in 2008. Following this, she returned to the Royal Veterinary College to do a PhD about the genetics and pathophysiology of Feline Diabetes. She discovered the first gene associated with feline diabetes. Although she enjoyed her research years, Yaiza always wanted to return to clinical practice, where she could interact with students, fellow clinicians and patients. After her PhD, she became a Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine at The Royal Veterinary College. Most recently, Yaiza has moved to The Netherlands with her family and is now The Director of Veterinary Specialist Consultations, a service that provides specialist help and support for veterinary clinicians. Yaiza is also an integral part of the Internal Medicine Team at de Medisch Centrum voor Dieren in Amsterdam, where she is the director of the residency program and enjoys seeing patients and training residents while providing high-level clinical care to her patients. Yaiza likes all aspects of internal medicine, although she has a passion for endocrinology, gastroenterology and all aspects related to feline medicine.