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Postgraduate Certificates

Our postgraduate programs are focused, modular courses that combine theoretical and practical classes in order to provide you with the best learning experience. The duration of annual courses ranges between one and two years and requires no more than two to four days of classes every six to eight weeks. This schedule is designed to fit within the busy schedules of working veterinary professionals, allowing them to earn a post-graduate qualification without sacrificing excessive time from their practice.

These courses provide a higher educational level that allows you to build your knowledge, or obtain an increased set of specialized skills in specific areas of veterinary medicine.

These courses are also the best way to gain a middle tier qualification, the General Practitioner Certificate (GPCert), granted by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS).

General Practitioner Certificate

A GPCert guarantees that its holder has mastered valuable additional skills and has the competence to use their knowledge to enhance the value of their practice. The GPCert can be a fundamental advancement for your career and is recognized as a valuable qualification within the veterinary field. ISVPS certificates have been recognized as an essential quality standard in several countries.

Short practical courses

Our practical short courses are ideal for busy veterinarians – they are the best way to upskill your knowledge without wasting valuable time. These intensive programs are designed to approach very specific topics within veterinary medicine, such as surgical techniques, new diagnosis methods and cutting-edge treatment resources. These courses are delivered by world-class speakers, and held at high-tech teaching laboratories. Each class is limited to a small number of students to assure an optimal learning experience, with close interaction with the speaker and a relaxed learning environment. In addition, we cover the latest techniques presented by the very individuals who helped develop those techniques.

ISVPS recognition and certification

Originally launched as the European School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies in 2003, the organization has since added programs in Asia, South America, and the United States, and changed its name to ISVPS. Since the launch of the first General Practitioner Certificates in 2004, over 3,500 veterinary professionals have earned ESVPS/ISVPS Certificates in over 15 countries.

A few reasons why vets choose Improve International

The teaching at Improve is excellent and I have been able to take what I have learnt back to use in practice. It’s not just the lectures themselves but the practical work we did straight afterwards which drives home everything. The difference it’s made in the practice has been huge, I’m more confident with clients and able to take on more complex cases.

Garrick Ponte


I chose Improve International as they are an established company, they’ve got a good reputation and I have done a number of courses with them previously and had access to top qualified speakers.

Robyn Farquhar


Our cutting edge training programs are a proven way of changing your professional life for the better

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