Spreading emotions between parrots

The same way laughter in primates (including humans) and rodents is spread from one individual to another, play vocalizations may also act as positive emotional contagions. Kea parrots (Nestor notabilis) are known to have a complex play behavior, emitt … Read More>>

Examining the eyes of ferrets

Ocular diseases in domestic ferrets are rarely reported. This article focused on the most frequent diseases of their cornea and conjunctiva and on the practical techniques for accessing the eyes of Mustela putorius furo. In most of the cases, physicall … Read More>>

Deslorelin implants in domestic rats

Most mammary gland spontaneous tumors in domestic rats are fibroadenomas. The treatment of choice is removing them, but the appearance of subsequent masses is quite common due to persistent hormonal promoting factors and the difficulty of performing co … Read More>>

Zoos and Conservation

Today, the global zoo and aquarium community is focused on conservation, education and research, in addition to entertainment. The community’s resources, mainly originating from visitor attendance revenue, make it the third largest in situ contributor … Read More>>

How can pesticides affect honeybees?

How can pesticides affect honeybees? Pesticides are used worldwide in agriculture because of their effectiveness in controlling pests.  However, they can also affect honeybees by direct topical contact or through secondary exposure via the consumption … Read More>>

Psittacids diet and health

Psittacids, like humans, do not select food because it’s good for them but because they like it. Most owners know little about their nutritional requirements, which can cause serious health problems. Previous studies have shown that many birds receive … Read More>>

Pet owners’ perceptions of food quality

Owners’ concerns about the health of their companion animals are increasing with nutrition often seen as an important tool in managing their health and well-being.  Studies have shown that owners prefer to spend money on pet nutrition they perceive to … Read More>>

Nutrition and Cognition

Aging leads to changes that can negatively affect cognition in pets (and humans) and, in fact, a dog’s brain has a high metabolic rate, which is reported to be severely reduced by the time the animal is six years old. It is also known that a deficiency … Read More>>

Mental health and wellbeing in veterinary medicine

Studies have confirmed a link between the veterinary profession and various forms of stress and mental illness.  In a recent study to measure the prevalence of severe mental distress and determine the level of wellbeing within the profession, the autho … Read More>>

Is long-term stress contagious between species?

Dogs and humans have lived closely together for at least 15,000 years and various studies have been undertaken to explore their unique bond. These studies have shown that short-term stress appears to be contagious between the species but, to the author … Read More>>

Viewing like a horse

Vision is crucial to all species to help avoid threats and to navigate. As vision varies between species, this must be taken into account when creating sporting, training and housing environments – an issue that is particularly important when consideri … Read More>>

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