Chris Papantonio

29 July 2020 – World Vets

Vets around the world - Chris Papantonio

My name is Chris Papantonio and I am Australian. I graduated from the University of Sydney in 2005 and began working in a mixed practice immediately after graduation. In 2008, I purchased a veterinary hospital with a business partner. Our goal was to build it into a competitive practice, offering high quality diagnostics and some specialized services. Quite quickly we realised that continuing education would assist us in achieving this goal.
I researched courses within Australia as well as overseas and, in 2009 I travelled to the USA and spent time with theriogenologists. This later helped me to set up a reproductive laboratory at our hospital. In 2012, I travelled to Germany and undertook a series of endoscopy courses so that we could also offer a wide range of endoscopic services within the practice.
We also offer a wide range of orthopaedic services within the practice and this was achieved by me completing courses in Australia and elsewhere, including an advanced AOVET course in Italy; a hip replacement course in Germany and a series of spinal surgery courses in the UK. I also attended ESVOT conferences and Symposiums in Italy and Switzerland.
I am also enrolled on Improve International’s General Practitioner Advanced Certificate in Small Animal Orthopaedics and this has involved travel to Italy, Spain, and the UK to complete the modules.
Learning in different countries has helped us to progress quickly and we now have a reputation for providing high quality veterinary services and accept referral work from neighbouring practices. I encourage other veterinarians to consider continuing education courses abroad. My experience has been entirely positive, enabling me to develop professionally, build my practice and build a network friends and colleagues around the world.