The use of gabapentin to reduce stress in cats

Owners’ concerns about the stress their cats suffer while being transported to vet appointments and during the appointments themselves mean that some cats don’t receive the veterinary care they need.  Gabapentin is already used to treat chronic pain an … Read More>>

Gastrointestinal protectants in dogs and cats

The ACVIM has published a consensus opinion about the administration of gastrointestinal protectants to dogs and cats in other to define the clinical use of these drugs routinely. Besides some comparisons between human and veterinary medicine, this doc … Read More>>

Importance of Urinalysis

Many veterinary specialists consider urinalysis an extremely important diagnostic procedure. It not only helps to identify urinary disorders but also, for example, diabetes mellitus and intravascular haemolysis. Urinalysis includes: colour and clarity … Read More>>

Management of ccld in dogs: owner feedback

Cranial cruciate ligament disease (CCLD) is a condition that affects mostly medium- and large-breed dogs and for which management is still controversial. This retrospective study compared owner satisfaction between stifle joint orthoses and tibial plat … Read More>>

Detection of cancer by sniffer dogs

Great advances are being made in the diagnosis of cancer with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) recognized as promising biomarkers. They can be found in the breath, urine, tissue, human breast milk and/or blood samples of oncology patients. The concent … Read More>>

Canine osteosarcoma treatment

Canine osteosarcoma (OSA) is a highly malignant and metastatic bone tumour in dogs. It is more prevalent in middle-aged dogs of large or giant breeds with more than half of the cases appearing at the appendicular skeleton (mostly in forelimbs). There i … Read More>>

Clinical Use of Deslorelin in Companion Animals

Deslorelin is a Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist, used not only for male contraception but also for oestrus stimulation or neutering. The use of slow-release Deslorelin implants is widespread in a range of pets, despite being only licensed for us … Read More>>

Semen collection techniques in cats

This was the first study to compare the quality of fresh feline ejaculates collected by three different methods: urethral catheterization (CT), electroejaculation (EE) and epididymal slicing after orchiectomy (EP). Electroejaculation is the first-choic … Read More>>

Transient reflex depression in acute spinal injuries

The purpose of this prospective study was to investigate whether acute spinal injuries on the T3-L3 segment could result in temporary clinical signs of a multifocal or caudal injury. These injuries could affect the segmental reflexes located caudally t … Read More>>

Classification of involuntary movements in dogs

The authors of this paper reviewed new findings about involuntary movements (IM) in dogs and attempted to create a common classification and terminology. They believed that this would not only aid in diagnosis but also help to create a framework for fu … Read More>>

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