Taking care of invertebrates

29 July 2019 – News

Despite invoking fear in some people, invertebrates are becoming ever more popular as pets – and this means that veterinarians need to learn more about them.

This article discusses the repair of an exoskeleton in cases of physical trauma. It also discusses common disorders across the species and explains the use of fluid therapy, analgesia and anaesthesia.

As invertebrates have an open circulatory system, even minor problems can quickly become emergencies so the article also recommends that owners are taught basic first aid procedures which could help to keep a patient alive. When they arrive at the clinic, the first priority should be to determine whether the species is dangerous to humans so that appropriate precautions can be taken. Once the animal has been stabilized, a complete history, including details of husbandry, should be taken.  It is important that active haemorrhages are also quickly controlled.

Pellett, S.; O’Brien M. Exoskeleton repair in invertebrates. Vet Clin Exot Anim 22 (2019) 315–330. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cvex.2019.01.008.