Stories of vets that crossed borders to live a new adventure

Vets around the World – Jan

My name is Jan H. Greaker and I’m a Norwegian veterinarian with 14 years’ experience in small animal medicine. I graduated from Szent Istvan University in Budapest, Hungary, in 2006. Following graduation, I was lucky enough to enroll for a one-year int … Read More>>

Vets around the World – Mariana

Hello to all readers, I’m Mariana, a Portuguese aquatic animal veterinarian, currently working on the sunny Caribbean island of Curaçao. I graduated back in 2014 at UTAD, Vila Real Portugal. I knew since I was a kid that I would work with marine mammal … Read More>>

Chris Papantonio

My name is Chris Papantonio and I am Australian. I graduated from the University of Sydney in 2005 and began working in a mixed practice immediately after graduation. In 2008, I purchased a veterinary hospital with a business partner. Our goal was to b … Read More>>

Vets around the World – Chris

Hi I am Charalampos from Cyprus, I am a Veterinary Clinical Pathologist currently based at Malawi, and lucky enough to have worked/studied in 6 different countries. I studied veterinary medicine at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and d … Read More>>

Vets around the World – Claire

I graduated from the University of Liège in Belgium in 2012. I became a diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons in 2019. Since July 2018 I have been a member of the Surgical Team at the Alliance Veterinary Clinic in Bordeaux (France). … Read More>>

Vets around the World – Justine

My name is Justine. I was born in the US but have lived most of my life in Spain. I studied veterinary medicine at UCM in Madrid then had the opportunity to work in small animal practices in Spain, Austria and Portugal. I also had the chance to volunte … Read More>>

Vets around the World – Joana

My name is Joana and I am Portuguese. I qualified in July 2017 and started my first job in October 2017 in Galway, Ireland, in a mixed practice in which 90% of the work was related to equine medicine – specifically reproduction. It was not easy at firs … Read More>>